Baby Naming Ceremony


Friends and family of (baby), (parents of the baby) have invited us here today to take part in a ceremony which welcomes their baby into their family unit, and into the wider family of their relatives and friends.
While the birth of their baby has meant great joy for them, this joy also comes with responsibility. The responsibility of this child’s life and happiness is in their hands. From now on, much of their life will involve caring for their baby, guiding her development and nurturing her growth as a responsible human being.
It is said that it takes a village to raise a child, and so (Parents of the baby) invite you to not only share in their happiness and joy but also to share in their responsibility, realizing that the more love this child receives, the more she will be able to love others. The more people make up her world, the richer her world will be.

Showering the Baby with Rose Petals

(Minister prepares the rose petals)

The first person showers the baby with white rose petals.
Minister: The petals of the white rose symbolize innocence, may (baby’s) ideals and heart remain untarnished and ever pure, with the wonders of childhood innocence forever hers.

The second person showers the baby with yellow rose petals.
Minister: May the petals of the yellow rose foreshadow the friends and the friendships, steadfast and unwavering, that will bless her in years to come.

The third person showers the baby with pink rose petals.
Minister: T he pink rose and its petals speak of the tender love and compassion her spirit will know. The love that knows no bounds.

The fourth person showers the baby with red rose petals.
Minister: May the passion of the red rose forever kindle the fire in her heart for both life itself and for all the passions she will find there.

Baby’s Mother: May you know blessings in your life that your father and I had in ours.

Baby’s Father: Friends and family, please welcome our daughter (baby).

Promises Made By Parents in a Baby Naming Ceremony

To this child, as to all children, we make these pledges – We will recognize your worth as a person, and help you to strengthen your sense of belonging to the human family. We will give you our love so that you may grow with trust in yourself and in other people. We will respect your right to be yourself and at the same time help you to understand the rights of others. We will encourage you always to search for the truth. We will give you the opportunity to develop your own understanding of life, and a respect for all living beings.


Grandparents’ Participation in a Baby Naming Ceremony

So much love to give you, overwhelmed with pride and joy Such tiny little fingers, ten tiny little toes A perfect face and body with a little button nose Tender words and kisses, hugs and cuddles too Patience and understanding will all be wrapped around you. Fun times to share together, stories to be told Nursery rhymes and ditties, as your little life unfolds You are very special to people near and far And loving you is easy because I’m your Grandma.

Participation of Godparents in a Baby Ceremony

Minister: The bond between parents and their children is very strong, but the support and encouragement of others is vital for the development of this child. An important tradition in our culture on this occasion is the responsibility accepted by the Godparents.

(Parents of the Baby) have chosen Godparents for their child for whom they have the highest regard. Godparents are willing to take a special and lifelong interest in the moral and ethical development of their God child.

As you accept the role of a Godparent, you are agreeing to be an adult friend to (baby), to whom she can turn for loving support and guidance as she grows.
Will you accept this commitment and responsibility? Will you be kind to (Baby)? Help to look after her? And surround her with love and affection?

Godparent/s: I will.
Minister:(Godparents), please say these words to (Baby).
Godparents: We, the Godparents, agree to reserve a special place in our hearts for (baby). To offer her our support whenever possible.
Minister:(Godparents), please light your candle from (Baby’s) candle, and repeat after, me.
Godparents: As I light this candle, I confirm that I am a part of (Baby’s) personal family. (Baby) may always turn to me for guidance, comfort and love.

Communal Blessing

Minister: For health and strength and life.
All: Let us be thankful.

Minister: For friends, homes and families.
All: Let us be thankful.

Minister: For the beautiful sun.
All: Let us be thankful.

Minister: For the rain that makes things grow.
All: Let us be thankful.

Minister: For the woods and fields.
All: Let us be thankful.

Minister: For the sea and sky.
All: Let us be thankful.

Minister: For the flowers and the birds.
All: Let us be thankful.

Minister: For peace, love and joy in the world.
All: Let us be thankful.

Minister: This concludes the Baby Naming